Solventless Extraction

Summit Select Solventless Extracts are made from plants expressly cultivated for this premium product line. At the point of peak terpene expression these exemplary buds are frozen and the potent trichomes are meticulously extracted using only ice, water, heat, and pressure. This process results in truly connoisseur grade extracts: pure in content and laden with natural flavor. Available in Live Rosin and Premium Live Rosin.

Our Select Solventless extraction process begins by stirring freshly frozen flower in an ice water bath, gently separating the trichomes from the plant.

Following the bath, the trichomes are filtered and collected as wet hashish.

After curing, the hashish is purified using a combination of heat and pressure, creating what is commonly known as rosin.

The rosin goes through a final cold-cure process which stabilizes its consistency.