Select Solventless

Summit Select Solventless Extracts are made from plants expressly cultivated for this premium product line. At the point of peak terpene expression these exemplary buds are frozen and the potent trichomes are meticulously extracted using only ice, water, heat, and pressure. This process results in award-winning, truly connoisseur grade extracts: pure in content and laden with natural flavor. Available in Premium Live Rosin and Live Rosin.

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Live Rosin

First Place Rosin Award

Live Concentrates

Summit Live Concentrates are made only from flower we grow, harvested and frozen at the peak of terpene and cannabinoid expression for each strain. Our extraction process preserves these compounds, resulting in pure and powerful concentrates that give you a true-to-strain experience. Our Live Concentrates come in a variety of consistencies including Live Diamonds, Live Sugar, Live Budder, and Live Sauce.

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Live Diamonds
Live Sugar
Live Budder
Live Sauce

Cured Concentrates

Our traditional concentrates are extracted from our most vibrant strains after properly curing, resulting in potent extracts with dynamic flavor. Our Cured Concentrates come in consistencies of either Terp Sugar or Sugar Wax.

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Terp Sugar
Sugar Wax